The maternity package turns 80 – congratulations!

In Finland, families have enjoyed the maternity package for 80 years already. The maternity package is a Finnish innovation in well-being. 

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New colourful pattern is a hit

Bears, seals, elephants, giraffes and other animals are featured playing together on the new pattern of the maternity package. The illustrations are by Robert Lönnqvist of Helsinki.

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How the pattern for the new maternity package was chosen – watch the video

Kela held a design competition to choose three new patterns that will be featured on maternity package boxes over the next few years. But how to decide which of the three winning patterns would grace the 2018 edition of the box? It was time call on five seasoned experts, Nooa, Ebba, Alvar, Benny and Magdaleena, who chose their favourite.

A historic success story

From a benefit for women of lesser means to a symbol of Finnish welfare and national pride. The success story of the maternity package is unique.

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Take a look at the 2017 maternity package

The 2017 version of the maternity package contains 8 body suits, 6 pairs of leggings, 3 hats and a large number of other clothes and accessories. All in all, it contains 53 products. The content of the maternity package is developed annually based on customer response. Deliveries of the 2018 version of the maternity package will begin once stocks of the 2017 version have run out. Usually, distribution of a new version will begin in late winter.

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The maternity package around the world

The maternity package receives attention also globally. The positive attention has had concrete effects – Scotland for instance has introduced its own version of the maternity package, Scotland’s baby box. Perhaps Finland will lead the way in this respect.

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