The maternity package became an international hit

Of the benefits provided by Kela, the maternity package (baby box) is the one that has attracted most attention internationally. In 2013, the British Broadcasting Company BBC published the article Why Finnish babies sleep in cardboard boxes. The article was shared more times than any other BBC article had been shared before.

Interest has remained high even after the article was published. Kela frequently receives inquiries about the maternity package and Kela’s experts have given interviews to media in countries as far away as Mexico, Indonesia and New Zealand. Many visitors from abroad come to Kela every year to learn more about the maternity package.

In some countries, the positive attention that the maternity package has attracted has also led to concrete actions. Following the Finnish example, Scotland started to give maternity packages to all new mothers in the summer of 2017. The principle followed is the same as in Finland: A baby box is given to all expecting mothers covered by the Scottish social security system, provided that they undergo a medical examination at a maternity clinic during pregnancy. Schemes and projects based on the maternity package have also been set up in many other countries.

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